A New record pressing plant is opening in california - The Vinyl Factory

"Second Line Vinyl will open this winter in Oakland operating on one machine initially before expanding to a further five by 2018.The plant will be city’s first since first since iconic early 20th century label Victor Records shut its doors in 1935.

Founder Zane Howard wants to turn the 40,000 square foot factory into “a one-stop-shop for independent labels wanting to press records,” says KQED...."


Second Line Vinyl to Bring Record Manufacturing to West Oakland - East bay express

"A few years ago, Donny Eastland kept reading that no one made new record presses. As the stories went, demand for vinyl was outpacing manufacturers’ capacity to provide supply, elongating turnaround times to the point of crisis because record plants were stuck to old, often-salvaged machines. An industry lifer, Eastland says he’s installed more than 200 record-pressing machines since 1975, and, more recently, overhauled equipment at the country’s largest plant, United Record Pressing. So, he resented the claim that no made record presses. He could, and he just had to let people know...."

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Vinyl Pressing Plant To Open In Oakland For First Time Nearly A Century - THE SFist

"Second Line Vinyl is looking to bring a record pressing plant to West Oakland by early next year. As KQED reports, this would be the first plant producing vinyl records in the city since the Victor Records Plant called it quits in 1935.

If opening a record pressing plant in 2018 seems like a tough deal to you, you're not alone, as Second Line's CEO, Zane Howard, told KQED, "If you Google ‘end of vinyl boom,’ you’ll see that an article with that exact sentence has been published every year for the past five years...." 

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First Record Pressing Plant to Open in Oakland Since 1930s - KQED ARTS

"By early next year, Oakland will be home to new a record pressing plant, the first of its kind in the city since the Victor Records plant closed in 1935.

Second Line Vinyl has ordered a new vinyl record press, which is expected to arrive by February of 2018, according to Second Line CEO Zane Howard. The company plans to buy five more presses by the end of next year. With six presses working full time, Howard estimates the plant, called Bump Town, will be able to manufacture 2 million records a year..."


Bay Area’s vinyl scene finds its groove as sales surge - The San Francisco Chronicle

"Steve Stevenson started working at a record store in 1997, a time when the compact disc was king and sales of vinyl LPs were nosediving, kept alive by a small but dedicated core of digital-audio refuseniks.

He always wanted to run a record shop of his own, and in 2008, against steep odds, he got the chance to do so in Oakland. With bad credit, $4,000, 160 square feet of space and his own record collection, Stevenson opened 1-2-3-4 Go Records and hasn’t looked back since..."



"A new vinyl pressing plant is coming to Oakland, California. As SFist reports, Bump Town Records, a new endeavour from Second Line Vinyl, will be the first pressing plant in the Bay Area city since 1935, when the Victor Records plant closed down. The six planned vinyl presses will be operated automatically rather than manually. The building will also host a performance space along with a studio for recording and mastering. 

Second Line is reportedly looking at more environmentally-friendly ways to press records, and has already developed new ways to make picture discs while keeping costs down. They aim to work with independent artists and labels..."